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The Salt Covenant Rites 

Salt is a vital part of YHWH’S Covenant Rite



"You are the salt of the earth
But if salt looses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?
It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out 
and trampled underfoot by men."
Matthew 5:13


"…all offerings must be seasoned with salt…"- Numbers 18:19
Salt is a vital part of YAHWEH’S Covenant Rite,
and its symbolism teaches many important spiritual and physical lessons.

The Spiritual…

The spiritual lessons teach us that the children of YHWH are joined to HIM through a Covenant of Salt (Num.18:19; 2Chr.13:5; Mat.5:13).  Salt is a time proven and consistent preservative, that prevents decay and corruption.  It is eternal, enduring, purifying, never changing, and abiding forever, it is the very symbol of YAHEWH’S character and reliability.  And the term “Covenant of Salt,” is indicative of the everlasting nature of the Covenant relationship between the children of salt, and their CREATOR YAHWEH.

In the above quote from Matthew 5:13, Yahshua himself was cautioning his followers not to lose their flavor, which is their spiritual knowledge, and to be the preservers of YHWH’S Divine wisdom.  This is in direct contrast to the Babylonian system of religion, which is known by their temporal and shifting doctrines, highlighted by short-term commitments from the worshipper and their perception of the particular god that is in vogue at the time.

It is YHWH’S desire to be sealed with us in an eternal covenant of friendship seasoned with salt.  Historically, salt was a means by which friends solidified and preserved their commitment to each other with a covenant of shared salt.  Today this spiritual symbol of friendship continues by the faithful.  It can be invoked before a sacred meal – table fellowship – or at the beginning of any of the Covenant Rites of Baptisms, anointing, or laying on of hands, by sealing their friendship with a sharing of salt.  All participants share a dish of sea salt by passing the dish around, lick your finger, dip it in the salt, or put a pinch of salt in the palm of your hand, and eat the salt together.  It is a symbol of friendship, and it means all in attendance are right with each other and our CREATOR.

Salt heals the spirit – when you settled a dispute with a loved one, family member, friend, or neighbor, you would invite the person into your home to share a dish of salt.  Each of you would lick your finger and dip it in the salt, or put a pinch of salt in the palm of your hand, and then eat the salt together.  This is the symbol of friendship that heals the rift. 

"Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred," Proverbs 15:17.  Never settle an argument over a meal because it upsets the digestive system.  Historically any disputes would be settled with the shared salt before a meal.  Then it can be followed by sharing a Sacred meal, or table fellowship, which is considered a symbol of intimacy and as a sign of peace.  Also, if any ceremonies regarding the Covenant Rites are planned with a meal they would be preformed first, and then followed by the Sacred meal.  Remember, the salt that honors YAHWEH’S table is pure, unrefined, living sea-salt.

Salt heals our sins - There are times when the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and we need to ask forgiveness and change our ways.  When you have recognized the error of your ways, and offered your prayers of repentance, seal your prayers with a lick of salt.  It is the symbol of renewed friendship between you and YHWH that heals the rift.  This can also be used on the annual Holy Day of Atonement.  After a day of fasting, end your prayers of repentance with a lick of salt and begin your renewed life under YHWH’S Divine protection.  

Salt protects the spirit -  It is interesting to note only the dark side forbids the use of salt.  You will not find any salt on the table or in the food served at a black witch’s sabbath or in any pagan religious offering.  The dark side does not like salty believers, and it is believed that salt is able to drive off demons.

The Physical…

The physical lessons of the Salt Covenant comes to the public stage when they were a required supplement to all the offerings given at the Temple (Lev.2:13).  The Temple offerings are more then just fulfilling religious rites, they are lessons in lifestyle that the faithful should learn and adopt.  We know that YHWH required only the best items to be offered in the Temple services, and many of the faithful miss the symbolism that is being shown.  For example barley / wheat grass was a required offering at the temple and today we know from scientific evidence that barley /wheat grass is a superfood, meaning it is loaded with active organic nutrients.  Drinking a glass a day is a great natural medicine and cleanser for the body.  It is the same with pure unprocessed sea-salt, because it is loaded with many essential minerals.  In medieval times the saying was to take a little salt every day to keep the demons out of your body.  Today, science tells us that all the minerals in sea-salt promote good health and a sound mind.

Salt is life - The best way to maintain your health is to replenish it with natural organic elements contained in real sea-salt, not synthetic substitutes.  The body runs on salt.  Without salt, we run out of electrolytes, and without electrolytes, our batteries die out.  Sea-salt’s organic elements in their natural state are easily assimilated by the body’s digestive system, which then recharges the cells, and energizes the mind and body.  I believe that taking sea salt is like taking a vitamin pill - it is the way our CREATOR designed it.  Depending on your size, how active you are, and how warm the climate is, take 1/8-1/4 teaspoon, 1x or 2x a day (morning and evening) with a glass of water.  Also, add it to your food, (especially on your Sabbath and Holy day sacred meals), it will enrich the taste of your meal.  When cooking with sea salt, add it towards the end of the cooking time so the active ingredients of the salt are not cooked away.

Salt baths are Divine - The antiseptic and hygienic healing powers of salt-water baths are well know from the ancient world to modern times.  It is a Divine requirement that newborn babies be rubbed down with moist salt (Ezek.16:4).  And during the middle ages the baptismal fount was filled with salt water.  And if it beneficial for babies it is also beneficial for adults.

The skin is not only an organ of elimination, it is also an organ of absorption, which is why salt-water baths, washes, and rubs, are a healing therapy.  Salt baths are rich in minerals and microelements and have wonderful therapeutic properties.  Today this is called “thalassotherapy,” (pronounced: thah-lah-sso therapy).  “Thalasso” means “sea” in Greek, and thalassotherapy is the science of therapeutic and prophylactic application of sea salts, water and other sea products.

Technically it works like this.  Via the process of osmosis, the ions and elements from the seawater move from the epidermis to the dermis, where the ions and elements are taken up by the capillaries.  From there the ions are then carried from the capillaries into the bloodstream, where they will be circulated throughout the body.  The healing properties salt baths effects the rehabilitation of many parts of the body such as skin conditions, immune system, circulatory system, respiratory system, and more, click for the full story http://www.owf.jp/thalassothEN.htm .

It is not necessary to go to a seaside spa or to the specialized center of thalassotherapy for the procedures; one can easily do it at home.  The basic ingredients are pure sea salt and water.  For a face wash or full bath use water that is a couple of degrees warmer the body temperature.  (Hot water is not good because causes reverse osmosis, meaning it will drain minerals out of the body.)  For a face wash fill a small basin with water and add 1/2 teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon of sea salt.  For a full body bath add 1-2 cups to 2 pounds of sea salt.  Whether taking salt internally or in a bath, don’t over do it.  Depending on your body type and the effect you need to produce, you may have to experiment a little.  Some people use only 2 tablespoons in bath water for general maintenance, and for serious illness more salt is needed for a strong isotonic healing solution.  The best time for a therapeutic bath is in the morning because the body had a nights rest and time to repair itself, and this is the time when the toxins are pushed out towards the skin. 

Be Aware…

Be Aware - Salt is an irritant.  At first when salt is put in an open wound it irritates, hurts, and stings as it kills the germs, eventually it begins to sooth and feel good as the healing process begins.  The analogy is that at first the salt of YHWH’S truth always causes irritation in the religiously prideful and blind, along with those set in their manmade ways.  Rather than hearing and seeing their need for medicine and healing (YHWH’S Word - Bible), they act out against the salt, as if the salt is to blame. 

A true belief in our CREATOR and HIS Messiah is a lifestyle not just doctrine.  By living GODLY lives the faithful become stinging irritants to those around them who are wounded by false religion and may cause them to lash out as a knee jerk reaction against you.  The best remedy is the “Selah.”  When the Hebrews read their Bible, the momentary silence between passages was called “the Selah,” it means to pause and consider, or give a rest.  The analogy is do not argue, step back for a moment of silence and rest, and let the salt do it’s work.  In time as the healing process begins then more salt can be added.


 “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt…” Colossians.4:6

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