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Spiritual  Power-Tool # 5

The Sacred Rite of Anointing with Oil  

Anointing oil is the fastest way to send the demons screaming off into night!


Anointing with oil, is like turning on a signal flare to the heavens.
It tells the Angels to give you special attention during this time.


  “. . . the yoke [of the evil one] will be destroyed 
because of the anointing oil.”  
- Isaiah 10:27

           Anointing with Oil was a common Biblical practice which continues today.  In the Bible, people, places and things were anointed with Holy Oil.  The ceremony of “anointing with Holy Oil” means to make Sacred, to consecrate or to set apart, and dedicate it for use unto our CREATOR.  Yahshua has a triple anointing as Prophet, High Priest, and King.  

"God doesn't call the equipped; He equips the called."

            YAHWEH instructed Moses how to prepare a Holy Anointing Oil for anointing the Tabernacle, all of the religious objects used in it, and the priests (Exo.30:23-35; Lev.8:10-13).  Quality spices of liquid myrrh, cinnamon,  sweet-smelling cane, cassia, were to be blended into olive oil.  It was “compounded according to the art of the perfumer.”  

            The main ingredient is olive oil, which has both secular and Sacred purposes.  The olive tree is very important in secular life for oil lamps, cooking, etc., and in religious life, the Bible mentions it some 50 times.  Pictured on the right, the olive tree has been a symbol of peace and prosperity since the time the dove returned to Noah’s Ark with an olive branch.  The olive tree “epitomizes the Spirit of the Lord” and for that reason it was forbidden to cut it down in ancient times.  

             As with any Holy Offering to YHWH, HE commands us never to cheapen the Holy Oil of the Anointing, mix foreign substances into it, dilute it or create our own version of it, and it is never-ever to be compounded on the Sabbath.  And don’t even think about using any of today's synthetic substitutes (Exo.30:38).

Beware and be aware, the Holy Spirit is holy! The Bible shows us that those who would tamper with the holy recipe suffered serious consequences, such as Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, who offered strange fire on God’s altar in Lev. 10:1-2.      

            During anointing, the person customarily knelt while oil was poured or rubbed on the head or forehead.  For extra special anointing, this Rite can be incorporated with the “laying on of hands” beginning with a kiss or hug (1Sam.10:1), and then ending in a prayer.   

            There are three types of Anointing for people: Sacred, medical and ordinary.  The Apostle John writes in 1John 2:27, that anointing refers to a Sacred spiritual process in which the Holy Spirit empowers a persons heart and mind with YAHWEH’S truth and love.  The Prophet Isaiah writes 10:27, “. . . the yoke [of the evil one] will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.”  You can anoint yourself by taking some oil and place a small amount on your forehead and claim YAHWEH’S promise of HIS strength (Ps.92:10).  

  Today, many infant children are sprinkled with water and it is called a baptism. Technically, it is not a true baptism.  Dedicating a child to our CREATOR and HIS path of righteousness is a good thing. But anointing the child with oil might be a better spiritual tool. And when that special day arrives, and dedication ceremony begins, it should be the parents invoking the Rite of Anointing.  Priests should be spiritual coaches, not hired masters of ceremony.

            The Apostle’s went out two by two . . ., and anointed the sick (Ps.23:5; Mar.6:13).  Elders of the church are instructed to anoint the sick for the purpose of healing (Jam.5:14).  The dead are anointed before burial (Mar.14:3-9).

            In the hot dry climate of Judea, a guest in the home was anointed, partly as a token of honor or esteem, and partly to moisten the skin after exposure to the elements.  Yahshua accuses Simon of a lack of hospitality by neglecting to anoint the head of one he had invited to eat with him (Luk.7:46).  And it can be used during times of fasting (Mat.6:17-18).  

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(The Bible says we must earnestly contend for the faith (Jud.1:3), 
I didn't want make learning all the mysteries too easy.)

From the book  The Mystical Rites of our CREATOR  ISBN 0-9675266-0-4

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