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The Salt Covenant 

"Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt." Col.4:6



It's amazing how much we have forgotten...

Picture shows pure 'sea salt' being harvested by hand.
The seawater is channeled into shallow flats
which allow the sun and wind to evaporate the water. 
The remaining salt crystals are then harvested by hand from the flats. 
In this natural method there is never any heat used,
and what remains is a pure, slightly moist, mineral rich, biologically active salt, 
exactly the way our CREATOR designed it.


“You are the salt of the earth
But if the salt looses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?
It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out 
and trampled underfoot by men.”
- Matthew 5:13  

YHWH’s Salt Covenant (Hebrew, b'rith melah), is the most extraordinary of all HIS Covenants.  It is symbolic of endurance, preservation, and freedom from corruption.  It is a perfect picture of our CREATOR, and it is sprinkled liberally on HIS Ancient Path to preserve it and keep it pure.  The Salt Covenant is rich in spiritual symbolism, and so important that for those who can see, it is visually demonstrated by the salting of the Temple sacrifices, which was to perpetually remind the faithful of their solemn Covenant responsibility to YHWH (Num.18:19).  YHWH instructed the Israelites that every sacrifice, including grain offerings, was to be seasoned with salt as a sign of their Covenant with HIM (Lev. 2:13, Ezek. 43:23-24).   Even the Holy ingredients used for the incense offering were to have salt added. "You shall make of these an incense, a compound according to the art of the perfumer, salted, pure and holy" (Ex. 30:34-35).  Salt, like the rainbow, is a sign of our CREATOR. 

 Traditionally, salt was shared to seal a truce between former enemies or as a symbol of alliance between close friends. Treaties or friendships were often formalized by the partaking of a lick of salt to seal the deal or heal the difference between them.

 Entering into a Covenant of Salt means binding oneself to another in utmost loyalty and truthfulness, even suffering death, rather than breaking the covenant.  For this very reason a Covenant of Salt was never done lightly or haphazardly – it deserves serious respect.  To the ancient Hebrews, salt represented purification, and was also symbolic of enduring friendship, honesty, and loyalty (2Kin.2:19 -21; 2Chr.13:5).  Today some Eastern people still use the phrase: “There is salt between us.”  Having no salt, meant disloyalty and barrenness.

Salt is rich in Spiritual Metaphors…

            Salt is an important ingredient of life.  The Biblical lore of salt begins in Leviticus 2:13; Numbers 18:19, where it becomes part of YHWH's Covenant with humanity and was directed to be part of all the grain offerings in the Temple. 

Salt is a vital part of YHWH’S Covenant Rite before Moses (2Chr.13:5), and its symbolism teaches many important spiritual lessons. 

Salt is Divine - it is believed to be able to drive off demons.  It is interesting to note only the dark side forbids its use, you will not find any salt on the table or in the food served at a black witch’s sabbath or in any pagan religious offering. 

            Salt historically symbolized hospitality - and YAHWEH’S people should be the world’s most hospitable people.  

            Salt heals - if you settled a dispute with your neighbor then you would invite the person into your home to share a dish of salt.  Each of you would lick your finger, dip it in the salt and then eat the salt together.  This is the symbol of friendship that heals the rift. 

            Salt is pure - germs cannot live in it.  By analogy, Believers are to be pure and have salt in us (Mar.9:50), and at birth salt was rubbed on a new born baby's skin to purify it (Ezk.16:4). 

Salt purifies - by analogy, the Believers are the salt of the earth (Mat.5:13).  They purify the world by not accepting false philosophies, dishonest ways of doing business, selfish desires, etc. 

Salt, just a dash, adds to the taste and pleasure of a meal (Job 6:6).  By analogy the Believers should add - just a dash - of spiritual interest, hope, and excitement to other people’s lives.  Too salty ruins the taste of the meal, and the spiritual message. 

Salt produces thirst, and the Believers should produce spiritual thirst in those around them. 

            No salt in the diet leads you into an energy graveyard, and within a month you will die a slow agonizing death - you figure out the analogy!  Sodium regulates the passage of nutrients into the cells.  Without it, nutrients cannot enter your cells and you will have malnutrition and exhaustion no matter how good your diet.  Without our CREATOR we would be spiritually starved and morally exhausted.             

Salt-famine causes civilization to collapse.  During Europe’s Dark Ages, due to glacial melting, the ocean levels rose flooding all the salt flats of Europe causing a salt famine (ref. Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe by Belgian historian Henri Pirenne).  The daily average ration fell to less then two grams per person and caused many to die from dehydration and madness.  To get salt, some who were stronger would assault the weak, cut their jugular vein and drink the victim’s salty blood, giving birth to the myth of the vampire.

            The salt crystal is an enduring mineral.  Large salt mine deposits, surviving thousands of years, and under great pressure, still hold their flavor and taste. 

Salt can dissolve in water - but its quality remains.  By analogy, Believers are in this world but not of this world (Jon.15:19). 

Salt can be subjected to extreme heat and it still retains its particular chemical composition.  But we are warned, as the salt of the earth, we should not lose our flavor (Mat.5:13; Mar.9:49-50; Luk.14:34). 

Salt can only be ruined if it reacts chemically with some other substance.  By analogy, the Believers should not be influenced by the deceitful riches and the material cares of this world.

FYI: Salt and Health

“The recommended reduction in salt intake is arbitrary
and based simply on the grounds of convenience…
The potential harmful consequences of salt restriction 
have not been examined.”
- Dr. J.J.Brown and twelve others
The Lancet, August 25, 1984

  It is amazing how much we have forgotten about our salt filled heritage and its powers.  We have also forgotten much about the quality of salt.  Today’s debased white table salt deserves all of its bad reputation and all the misdeeds as charged.  Simply put: It’s crap, and you don’t want to put it on the Holy table.  The salt that honors YAHWEH’S table is pure, unrefined, living sea-salt.  Real sea-salt is the most complex mineral element on the planet.  It supplies all 92 vital trace minerals needed by the body, such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium and potassium, all in their natural organic, easy to assimilate state.  By contrast, refined salt contains only two elements.  Salt refinement means everything good is taken out of it and sold off to other industries, while the supermarket consumer gets the debased junk that is left over.

            Somewhere along the way, modern society was sold on the idea that progress means “refined and purified.”  Clean, clear, bright white is good.  Off-white gray, or cloudy is bad.  The marketing survey for salt goes something like this: Which looks better: The processed clean bright white salt or natural off-white gray?  Which pours better: The dried and refined salt, or moist and natural salt?  But they never asked: To make everything clean, clear, and bright white, we have to remove all the healthy living organic nutrients, and we’ll quietly sell them off to the chemical companies.  Then to get these nutrients back, the chemical companies well sell you vitamin and mineral supplements - is that OK?  This modern refinement process in our salt example applies to our oils, our baking flours, our fruit juices, etc. - Satan and his minions have been busy! 

In the Temple sacrificial system YHWH demanded the best of what this natural world has to offer.  A point often missed by most Bible teachers, even those who pride themselves on their so-called “multi-level interpretation of Scriptures,” is that the Temple offerings were not to appease an angry GOD.  YHWH cares about humanity, and HE is using the world stage of the Temple to teach humanity.  YHWH demands the best, and the offerings are also an example of the best foods on Earth.  The thinking is, if they are good enough for the YHWH, then they should also be good for humanity.  Many times in my book and this website I mention the health of the mind, body, and spirit, as it relates to Bible and Holy Day teachings, here is another hint, if you want to know the road to good health then research the offerings and foods mentioned in the Bible.  Salt, because it was required with every offering, is one of the foods that figured prominently in the Temple, and it figures prominently in our health.

“Sodium is essential to brain function.
A lack of it will gradually turn you into an idiot,
or a ‘mental dense,’ if you need a softer phrase.” Sam Biser

We are all as different as snowflakes, but we all have water and salt in common.  The simple fact is that without the proper salt your cells cannot re-generate, they de-generate.  The body runs on salt, without salt we run out of electrolytes, and without electrolytes our batteries die out.  Without salt, or the wrong salt, the mind goes numb, and illnesses soon takes over the body, and the children suffer even more.  Satan knows this, and only the dark side is behind this mindless push to a sodium free diet.  If the people continue down this path, at the very least, it will be one of the main causes of a national health catastrophe, and it will usher in a new dark age in world.

Our CREATOR made the human body from the organic elements of the earth (Gen.2:7), and the best way to maintain your health is to replenish it with natural organic elements, not synthetic substitutes.  Organic elements in their natural state are easily assimilated by the body's digestive system.  I believe that taking sea salt is like taking a vitamin pill - it is the way our CREATOR designed it.  Depending on your size, how active you are, and how warm the climate is take 1/8-1/4 teaspoon, 1x or 2x a day (morning and evening) with a glass of water.  Also, add it to your food, it will enrich the taste of your meal.  When cooking with sea salt, add it towards the end of the cooking time so the active ingredients of the salt are not cooked away.  Click for: Complete Analysis of Sea Salt 

  RADIATION FALLOUT PROTECTION: In my Tribulation prophecy web pages, I mention one should turn to our CREATOR’S organic technology for help in surviving the terrible things to come, natural sea salt is a good example.  Sometime during the Tribulation years, and/or maybe during the beginning of sorrows before the Tribulation, a nuclear bomb will be set off.  To counter the aftereffects of nuclear fallout today’s modern world is stocking up on potassium iodide tablets.  Unfortunately man-made synthetics might not save you.  The problem is that a massive dose of artificial iodine does not stay in the system very long, and is soon urinated out of the body.  The best radiation defense is a strong immune system getting organically bound iodine from sea products such as sea salt, kelp, seaweed, etc..  These products are high in natural iodine, and in their unprocessed natural state, their trace minerals are easily assimilated and distributed throughout the body.  When nuclear trouble is on the horizon just double up on the normal daily dosage for a few days till the danger passes.

REMEMBER: In spiritual warfare, when you are facing great tribulation, a lick of real sea salt, invoking the Sacred Names, and praying the Psalms of protection, will help in keeping the dark demons off your back.

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