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The Spring Season of Bible Holy Days 

"These are the Feasts of YHWH, Holy Convocations... it shall be a statute forever."


The Feasts of YHWH
 Jim Coetzee
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Spring Holy Days
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Respect is what we owe,
love is what we give.

The "Appointed Times" of YHWH continues...

The Spring Season of HOLY DAYS


Passover celebrates freedom and justice!

The Biblical Holy Days where designed by our CREATOR 
to be home Worship affairs with family and friends.
 In Christianity it is called "Table Fellowship," 
and it is modeled after the Last - Passover - Supper.

The Passover is observed annually on the 14th day of the 1st month Abib/Nisan (March-April), Lev.23:4-5.  It is a solemn time, a memorial service, because there is death in the air.  Death is the price paid for freedom.  Knowing we will soon be free of slavery, the day also brings an anxious and joyous feeling. 

            Passover celebrates freedom!  This symbolism, of freeing the faithful from the shackles of a satanic slave system, has inspired many brave men and women, in many lands throughout the ages, in their struggle for freedom. 

            Some people are afraid of freedom!?!?

            This appointed time was very important to YAHWEH.  It is mentioned 48 times in the Hebrew Bible and 28 times in the New Testament.  *The Passover observance is so important that it is the only Holy Day listed with a provision for observing it exactly one month later if you miss it the first time (Num.9:10-11).

             The history of Passover officially begins with the “blood of the lamb” that frees the ancient Israelites from slavery.  The spiritual symbolism pictures the faithful Believers freed by justification of YAHWEH and redeemed by the Messiah.  Both events are symbolized through the Passover observance. 

            Redeemed means that something has been bought back from the marketplace.  

            Justification means that someone has been judged and found not-guilty.

            Surviving Passover means the faithful of YAHWEH have been found not guilty.  Our sins washed away in the sea of forgetfulness.  This is a good thing for the spiritual bank account.  Your position before YAHWEH now changes - for the better!

            This also is important to the Christian church, as there are many New Testament references teaching justification, Romans 3:24-28, 4:25, 5:1-9, 8:30; Galatians 2:16-17.  If we accept the ruling than we must respect HIS (YHWH) position of authority.  We are justified, found not guilty - for the time being.  Now we have to stay that way, and we do that by accepting HIS guidance and “putting on” a new person to insure our freedom.    

            Passover is the oldest, continuously observed religious holiday on the planet.  There are Biblical hints that Passover extends all the way back to the first family when Abel made an offering of firstlings of his flock of sheep (Gen.4:3-7).  Today’s official Passover observance is a 3,500-year-old tradition which began in the time of Moses.  The home Worship instructions for Passover are in Exodus ch.12-13.

            In the Roman time of Yahshua, Jerusalem was a very busy place during the Holy Days, as it swelled to nearly five times its normal population of 125,000.  The Jews were joined by many people, from many nations, some had journeyed great distances.  The miles are long and hard in the desert, but they came from many lands to gather in Jerusalem to show their respect to the CREATOR at Herod’s Temple.

            YAHWEH’S Passover Rite dramatically entered the world stage with the blood of lamb protecting the Hebrew people from the Death Angel in Egypt, freeing the people from slavery.  It continues with the death of the Messiah as the innocent “lamb of GOD” redeeming [a-l-l] humanity from the slavery of sin. “. . . Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us [all]. . .” 1Corinthians 5:7.   

It’s not: What would Jesus do?
It’s: What did Jesus do?

"Keep the traditions just as I delivered them to you."  - 1 Corinthian 11:2

              Yahshua not only observed Passover, but as prophecy foretold, He fulfilled it!   “Good things come to those who wait,” and the hope of a redeeming Messiah was a long awaited spiritual event going back in time thousands of years.  It was given first to Adam (Gen.3:15), and is a concept recorded in one of the oldest books of the Bible, Job 19:25-26, “For I know my redeemer liveth . . .”

            The death of Yahshua exactly fulfills the prophecy of the suffering messiah given by Prophets Isaiah ch.53 and Daniel 9:26.  For the Christians, it represents that Yahshua fulfilled the Laws of Redemption, making available the hope of eternal life for all humanity (Jno.1:29).

 The Passover observance was commanded by Yahshua, he clearly stated, “. . . Do this in remembrance of me” (Luk.22:19).   The concept of freedom from slavery continues in the New Covenant but on a higher level.  Yahshua freed our spirits from slavery to the dark side. 

            The slaying of the lamb at Passover, foreshadowed the greater redemption found in YAHWEH’S anointed Lamb.  For those who can hear, John the Baptist’s introduction of Yahshua at His baptism was loaded with meaning.  His prophetic statement was fulfilled on this very day of Passover: “Behold the Lamb of GOD which taketh away the sins of the world” (Jno.1:29).

            Yahshuas' death is our memorial observance, but we also celebrate His freedom and His message of hope for the future.  This Holy Day teaches the New Covenant congregation a very special personal one-on-one spiritual message.  It is an everlasting commitment of a future Heavenly wedding ceremony of the faithful church to the Messiah, witnessed by the FATHER, HIS faithful Angels, and the Old Testament Saints.  

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 The Passover prophetically pictures a promise for a future Passover with our Messiah, in the Kingdom with all of His faithful in attendance (Mat.26:29; Mar.14:25; Luk.22:18).

            Sometime in the future the Antichrist will counterfeit the Messiah’s steps and try to fulfill as many messianic prophecies as possible.  On this day he will stage a fake death either by assassination or some type of accidental death in an effort to impersonate the wounded Messiah (Isa.53:5-6; Rev.13:3).

            “Coincidental dates?”  YAHWEH makes a Covenant with Abraham and reveals the promised land (Gen.15:18).  The Passover supper is eaten in preparing for the Exodus (Exo.12:41).  The first Passover in Canaan - the Covenant renewed (Jos.5:3-12).  The Book of the Law was discovered and reaffirmed under Josiah (2Chr.34:14-31).  The dedication of the Second Temple (2Chr.36:19).  The Last Supper - the New Covenant is affirmed in the Messiah (Luk.22:19-20).    




Be humble, and temper our lofty pride.

            The Days or Feast of Unleavened Bread (Hebrew: Hag Ha-Matzot), begins on the 15th day, and are observed for seven days, with the first and last days a Holy convocation, Lev.23:6-8.  Death has passed - we are alive!  We are justified in the eyes of GOD!  Now we must purge out the leaven of sin and rejoice over the wonderful new year ahead! 

            The term Holy convocation has added some confusion to this Holy Day season because, technically speaking, Passover is not a Holy convocation, it is the “night to be much observed” (Exo.12:42).  Except for the night time, it is okay to work on the Passover day.  The Bible says the fifteenth day is a Holy convocation.  For some reason the ancient rabbis have ignored verse 5 and merged their Passover observance into the first Days of Unleavened Bread.  They made it one seven day holiday period called the Feast of Passover, with all Jews performing a Seder on the first night, and some on the first two nights, beginning on the fifteenth day of the month.

 The yearly observance teaches us to be humble and temper our lofty pride and to curb our desire to be important.  The lesson cautions us not to indulge in triumphalism, dogmatism, or overconfidence. 

            The symbolism of bread was very important to our CREATOR.  In the Tabernacle/Temple it was to be displayed at all times (Exo.25:30).  Yahshuas’ life continued this symbolism.  He was born in Bethlehem, in Hebrew it is called Beth Lechem, meaning House of Bread.  He continually used the image of bread and growing grain in His teachings. 

            In one of His most famous miracles, the feeding of the 5,000, Yahshua literally showed that He is the “bread of life,” and he who “eats the bread of life will live forever” (Jno.6:47-51).  When He died, He was wrapped in white linen and buried in the earth, and managed to do it on this very Holy Day of Unleavened Bread.  And finally, He rose, He was “brought forth from the earth.” 

            To the New Covenant congregation, Paul said: “Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened.  For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us.  Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” 1Corinthians 5:7-8.  This passage clearly shows Paul teaching that “keeping the Feasts” is not just for the Jews but also for the new Christians. 

            Many people believe the sun shines through their bellybuttons.  It is the center of the universe syndrome.  The Apostle Paul was admonishing the congregation to perform a personal spiritual housecleaning, to humble ourselves, to purge out false teachings and redirect our spiritual path in the footsteps of our Messiah’s living example (1Pet.2:21).  Some of the things to “put off” during the spiritual house cleaning are the sinful nature, “the works of the flesh,” a list is found in Galatians ch.5.

            Abstaining from eating leavened products depicts the ongoing personal responsibility of every Believer to abstain from sin, this process is called “personal sanctification.”   

            Preparing for this eight-day, Holy festival was normally completed before Passover.  In the Bible leavening is symbolic of the sin of pride.  Proud, vain, boastful, big ego, are the opposites of  “walking humbly with your GOD.”  All the people would understand the simple analogy of leavening - puffed up bread - is symbolic of puffed up people.  This is a “biggie” message from our CREATOR.  First at Passover, HE dazzles us with miracles while learning to fear spiritual death, and now we will spend seven days of our daily life in a spiritual “walk in the newness of life” (Rom.6:4).  Tempering our personalities, through focusing on this ungodly characteristic of pride in humanity. 

            The leaven (sin) must be cleansed from our dwellings (and hearts).  To physically commemorate the Seven Days of Unleavened Bread, all food items (except animal food) containing leavening products were put out of the house and not eaten during these Holy Days.  Leavening is yeast, baking soda and baking powder, which is used in bread, cookies, cakes, etc.  It takes some planning and preparation, the house (and heart), must be cleaned, almost sterilized, of every crumb of bread or anything that has leavening in it - every speck of sin must be purged. 

            Removing sin from the house (and heart), is a tough job.  Everything is cleaned and scrubbed, it gives new meaning to the term spring cleaning.  The historical lesson is taken from 2Kings 23:19-22 where King Josiah raged through Israel like a tornado cleaning out the pagan altars from the land, even YAHWEH was impressed with his Passover preparation.  This is serious deep cleaning, leavening must be removed from every hiding place, from every corner of the house (and heart), from the back of the cabinets, to behind the refrigerator, under the sofa, etc.   

HEALTH BENEFIT: This is spring cleaning for the spirit and the soul.  It would be easy to dismiss all this housecleaning and say it is the purity of the heart that counts, but our CREATOR knows keeping your clothes and living quarters clean will help in promoting vigorous health.  Good health responds well to the spiritual exercises of housecleaning with loved ones. 

            It is interesting to note that during the black death plague of Europe’s middle ages, the rabbis passed the word to get the dwellings of the faithful Passover clean (Lev.ch.13-15).  The Jews listened and cleaned out their slums.  Their mortality rates were only 5-10% of the population compared to Europeans much higher numbers.  Do you think the Christians opened up their Bibles and learned?  Fahgeddaboutit!  They figured the Jews were in league with the devil to curse them and promptly began to kill them.

            It only took about 3,500 years for the rebellious humans to learn the Biblical lessons of cleanliness and sanitation.  It is a great example of how “governments will always do the right thing - after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”  

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 The Days of Unleavened Bread prophetically pictures the time in the Kingdom, when after partaking of the promised future Passover with our Messiah in YAHWEH’S main hall, He will lead all His faithful to new Heavenly mansion and headquarters built especially for them.

            “Coincidental dates?”  On the first day, the exodus journey from the bondage of Egypt began.  On the last day, the Hebrew people marched through the Red Sea to safety (Deu.16:3).  The final fall of the first revolt of Jewish resistance at Massada happened on this day (Flavius Josephus War of the Jews).




Celebrating the resurrection
of the righteous!

            The Feast of Firstfruits, (Hebrew: Hanafat Ha'omer or Day of Omer Waving), is observed on the first Sunday after Passover, during the seven days of Unleavened Bread, Lev.23:9-14.  It is a joyous feast day, celebrating the resurrection of the righteous!

 The yearly observance reminds the faithful that this was the day when Yahshua was raised and presented the first harvest of redeemed spirits (the Old Testament Saints) to YAHWEH (Mat.27:52-53).  The Christians generally know this day as Resurrection Sunday because Yahshua rose from the dead on this day.  Today it is generally known as Easter based from the Roman times where it adapted some Greek pagan fertility rites of the goddess Ishtar. 

            The original name “Firstfruits” has much greater symbolism.  It means that there is an order to things, if there is a “first” then there must be a second, and a third, etc.  And that is the essence of Christian hope, to be called worthy in the next harvest of spirits (Rom.8:11). 

            The secrets of the resurrections are thoroughly illuminated by the Apostle Paul in 1Corinthians 15:20-23,“But now is Christ risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.”  Verse 23, “But each in his order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming.” 

 The day prophetically pictures the called out faithful of the Church of the Messiah, now being presented to YAHWEH as the second-fruits harvest of righteous souls of Earth.  

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            “Coincidental dates?”  It is interesting to note that this day has had other amazingly symbolic resurrection events unfolding on this yearly anniversary date: On this day the Ark rested on Mount Ararat and the human race was resurrected following the flood (Gen.8:4). 

            And almost two thousand years later, Moses led the Hebrew people through the Red Sea to be resurrected as a nation from the death bondage of Egypt. 

            Forty years later Israel crossed the Jordan river, and the people enjoyed the Firstfruits of the promised land (Jos.5:10-12).

            While under Persian rule the entire nation of Jews found themselves trapped in a satanic plot of annihilation.  Through the courage of Esther they were rescued from certain death and given life in a great story of deliverance restoring the nation of Israel to their land (Book of Esther).

            And now the resurrection of the Messiah (1Cor.15:20).  
Just a coincidence?  
Or is the CREATOR showing us HE is in charge 
by precisely and symbolically fulfilling HIS prophecies?




ATTENTION: A day of new revelations from YHWH!

            The Day of Pentecost, (Hebrew: Hag Ha-Shavuot or Feast of Weeks), is a yearly Holy convocation observed by counting fifty days from the Day of Firstfruits, Lev.23:15-22.  It is a time of a festive atmosphere because it is the day of new revelations from YAHWEH! 

            This Holy Day was born in ancient times, when Moses brought the Torah down from Mt. Sinai, beginning YHWH'S mystical union with the Hebrew church, (Exo.19:11).
            About 1500 years later, in the time of Apostles, this day was known as the day that the Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh of YHWH, was sent by Yahshua-Jesus to the true believers, beginning His mystical union with the Hebrew-Gentile Messianic Church.

            The historical name is the Feast of the Harvest to symbolize a harvest - a harvest of souls.  A harvest of the faithful who have it in their heart to believe and follow HIS commands.

            In ancient times the Jews believed only they were the chosen of GOD.  In modern times many churches believe that only they are chosen of GOD.  Satan enjoys spilling blood over this issue - it’s one of his biggest cons.  Here, on this Holy Day, lies the simple answer waved in front of you, but many do not see. 

            The Temple ceremony required the high priest to wave two loaves of bread over the altar as an offering to YAHWEH.  The offering of two loaves of bread is a product of craftsmanship (different from a harvest or blood offering).  Unlike the previous Holy Days with symbols of unleavened bread, these two loaves of bread are made with yeast - the symbol for sin.  With a skilled hand each loaf begins with the best ingredients, it is then mixed, stirred, kneaded, risen, flattened, risen again, and then carefully baked to perfection.  

            Think about it, it sounds a lot like the spiritual evolution of the Hebrews and gentiles, being guided by the hand of our CREATOR.  In GOD’S world it’s a no-brainer, the Bible always talks of salvation for both the Hebrews and the gentiles - anybody with a belly button.  Here on this Holy Day they are spiritually represented as two loaves of bread offered to YAHWEH.

 The observance of the day teaches us the significance of the birth of the New Covenant Messianic assembly, when the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out of the Heavens to the assembled Believers as described in Acts ch.2.  

             Yahshua was the Firstfruit accepted into Heaven.  He is our representative in the Great White Throne Room, and now through Him the faithful are consecrated to the FATHER.  It was one of Yahshua’s last promises He made to His church: “. . . the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things . . .,  Peace I leave you . . ., let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid” John 14:26-27. 

            This day also publicly announces the start of the Age of Grace, and the faithful appreciate the blessing of living under our CREATOR’S Laws.  The ancient command was to leave the corners of the cultivated fields for the poor and the stranger.  Today the spiritual symbolism teaches evangelism, sharing the bounties of the field now becomes sharing the Gospel and the Law with others, “as workers in the field” readying the crop for the time of the great fall harvest.  

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 The day prophetically pictures the church receiving their power, and instructions, for the new job of the Millennium rule coming shortly.  This officially makes them the spiritual elite forces of the Messiah, ready for service in the coming Messianic Kingdom.

            “Coincidental dates?” The giving of the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai, signifies the birth of the Hebrew Church (Exo.19:11).  The giving of the Holy Spirit signifies the birth of the Hebrew-Gentile Messianic Church (Act.ch.2).

It will be a long summer growing season under this Age of Grace. 
"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,
as some count slackness,
but is long suffering toward us,
not willing that any should perish
but that all should come to repentance."
- 2Peter 3:9 

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From the book  The Mystical Rites of our CREATOR  ISBN 0-9675266-0-4

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